#NEXUS [!This data set was downloaded from TreeBASE, a relational database of phylogenetic knowledge. TreeBASE has been supported by the NSF, Harvard University, Yale University, SDSC and UC Davis. Please do not remove this acknowledgment from the Nexus file. Generated on July 25, 2021; 19:16 GMT TreeBASE (cc) 1994-2008 Study reference: Waters D., Buchheim M., Dewey R., & Chapman R. 1992. Preliminary inferences of the phylogeny of bryophytes from nuclear-encoded ribosomal RNA sequences. American Journal of Botany, 79: 459-466. TreeBASE Study URI: http://purl.org/phylo/treebase/phylows/study/TB2:S241] BEGIN TAXA; TITLE Taxa1; DIMENSIONS NTAX=0; TAXLABELS ; END; BEGIN TREES; TITLE Tb4963; LINK TAXA = Taxa1; TRANSLATE TREE Fig._2 = [&R] (((Equisetum,(((Zea,Oryza),Glycine),Zamia)),((Atrichum,(Fissidens,Plagiomnium)),(Notothylas,Phaeoceros))),((Conocephalum,Asterella),Riccia)); TREE Fig._3 = [&R] ((((Equisetum,(((Zea,Oryza),Glycine),Zamia)),(Atrichum,(Fissidens,Plagiomnium))),(Notothylas,Phaeoceros)),((Conocephalum,Asterella),Riccia)); END;