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About Citation title: "Molecular Systematics of the Neotropical genus Psiguria (Cucurbitaceae): Implications for phylogeny and species identification".
About This study was previously identified under the legacy study ID S2458 (Status: Published).


Steele P.R., Friar L., Gilbert L., & Jansen R.K. 2009. Molecular Systematics of the Neotropical genus Psiguria (Cucurbitaceae): Implications for phylogeny and species identification. American Journal of Botany, 97: 156-173.


  • Steele P.R.
  • Friar L.
  • Gilbert L.
  • Jansen R.K.


Psiguria is a small genus of Neotropical vines in Central and South America and the Caribbean. As with many groups of tropical vines, delineation of species within the genus has long been a challenge for several reasons. Morphological features often change drastically over the life of an individual, many sterile specimens have been collected, and it is difficult or impossible to collect or include an entire plant on an herbarium sheet. We present the first published phylogeny of Psiguria utilizing a combination of eight chloroplast intergenic spacers, the internal transcribed spacer (ITS) regions of the nuclear ribosomal DNA repeat, and the intron of the low-copy nuclear gene serine/threonine phosphatase, for a total aligned length of 9,456 base pairs. The data support the monophyly of Psiguria, elucidate several species boundaries within the genus, and provide a phylogenetic framework for addressing many important questions about plant-insect interactions in this model system. Additionally, a list of Psiguria-specific DNA barcodes is presented, which include the chloroplast regions: ndhC-trnV, rps16-trnQ, rpoB-trnC, ndhF-rpL32, and psbZ-trnM. For the first time, systematists, ecologists, and evolutionary biologists will have the tools to confidently identify species of Psiguria with DNA barcodes that may be useful in other genera of Cucurbitaceae.

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