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About Citation title: "New World Origins of Southwest Pacific Gesneriaceae: Multiple Movements Across and Within the South Pacific.".
About This study was previously identified under the legacy study ID S2500 (Status: Published).


Woo V., Funke M., Smith J., Lockhart P., & Garnock-jones P. 2011. New World Origins of Southwest Pacific Gesneriaceae: Multiple Movements Across and Within the South Pacific. American Journal of Botany, 172(3): 434-357.


  • Woo V.
  • Funke M.
  • Smith J.
  • Lockhart P.
  • Garnock-jones P.


Coronanthereae is a tribe of twenty species with a suite of unusual morphological characters and a disjunct geographic distribution in the southern hemisphere with three species in southern South America and the remainder in the South Pacific. This distribution and disjunction has implied a relictual Gondwanan clade sister to the rest of the Gesneriaceae. We tested this hypothesis using phylogenetic analyses of nuclear and chloroplast DNA sequence data and molecular dating. The tribe is well placed within the mostly neotropical subfamily Gesnerioideae and three lineages within Coronanthereae are supported, providing an unexpected inferred history of at least two dispersals from South America into the South Pacific during the Miocene. The tree-forming species form a clade; Australian Lenbrassia, New Caledonian Depanthus and Negria from Lord Howe Island. Australian Fieldia forms a clade with other epiphytes from South America, a result that does not support recent placement of Lenbrassia in synonymy of Fieldia. This provides further evidence of long-distance dispersal mechanisms in the floras of continental islands, and does not support the speculation of a Gondwanan origin for this family. Within Coronanthereae, we recognize three subtribes, Coronantherinae, Mitrariinae, and Negriinae; the last of these is newly described here.

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