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About Citation title: "Origins and introgression of polyploid species in Mentzelia section Trachyphytum (Loasaceae).".
About This study was previously identified under the legacy study ID S2582 (Status: Published).


Brokaw J., & Hufford L. 2010. Origins and introgression of polyploid species in Mentzelia section Trachyphytum (Loasaceae). American Journal of Botany, .


  • Brokaw J.
  • Hufford L.


We used phylogeny reconstructions based on DNA sequences from plastid regions and the nuclear gene isocitrate dehydrogenase (idh) to investigate polyploid origins and introgression in Mentzelia section Trachyphytum. Molecular data showed that homoploid hybridization has been surprisingly common in Trachyphytum, with more detectable instances of introgression at idh loci than plastid capture. Diploid species exhibited unequal involvement in polyploid origins, but most polyploid taxa had allopolyploid origins from extant progenitors. A few polyploids with extreme phenotypes did not appear to have extant progenitors. We infer that the progenitors of these species were derived from extinct diploid lineages or ancestral lineages of multiple extant diploids. In agreement with other recent studies, we recovered molecular evidence of multiple phylogenetically distinct origins for several polyploid taxa, including the widespread octoploid M. albicaulis. Although idh sequences exhibited complicated evolution, including gene duplication, deletion and recombination, they provided a much higher percentage of informative characters for phylogeny reconstruction than the most variable plastid regions, allowing tests of hypotheses regarding polyploid origins. Given the necessity of rapidly evolving low-copy nuclear genes, studies of hybridization and polyploidy may increasingly turn to complex sequence data.

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