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About Citation title: "Molecular genetic evidence for intraspecific hybridization among endemic Hispaniolan Bursera (Burseraceae).".
About This study was previously identified under the legacy study ID S1007 (Status: Published).


Weeks A., & Simpson B. 2004. Molecular genetic evidence for intraspecific hybridization among endemic Hispaniolan Bursera (Burseraceae). American Journal of Botany, null.


  • Weeks A. Phone 703-993-3488
  • Simpson B.


Historically, genetic introgression among species as well as hybrid origins for species of the diploid tree genus Bursera have been proposed based on the supposition that individuals that are morphologically intermediate between sympatric parent species must be derived from hybridization. Here we report the first molecular genetic evidence for both unidirectional and reciprocal interspecific hybridization within Bursera. Phylogenies of hybrids and other species in B. subgenus Bursera are reconstructed based on nuclear and chloroplast sequence data. Compelling evidence supports the hybrid origin of three endemic Hispaniolan species: B. brunea (B. nashii x B. simaruba), B. gracilipes (B. spinescens x B. simaruba) and B. ovata (B. simaruba x B. spinescens). Cloning studies of nuclear markers from B. ovata suggest that this species is an introgressed or later backcross generation hybrid and thus reproduces sexually.

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