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About Citation title: "Phylogenetic relationships among the North American cleomoids (Cleomaceae): a test of Iltis' reduction series.".
About Study name: "Phylogenetic relationships among the North American cleomoids (Cleomaceae): a test of Iltis' reduction series.".
About This study is part of submission 14446 (Status: Published).


Riser J.P., Cardinal-mcteague W.M., Hall J.C., Hahn W., Sytsma K.J., & Roalson E.H. 2013. Phylogenetic relationships among the North American cleomoids (Cleomaceae): a test of Iltis' reduction series. American Journal of Botany, .


  • Riser J.P.
  • Cardinal-mcteague W.M.
  • Hall J.C.
  • Hahn W.
  • Sytsma K.J. Phone 608-262-4490
  • Roalson E.H. (submitter) Phone 509-335-7921


• Premise of study: A monophyletic group, the NA cleomoids, composed of five genera of the Cleomaceae (Carsonia, Cleomella, Oxystylis, Peritoma, and Wislizenia) is supported by morphology and DNA sequence data. This study represents the first detailed phylogenetic investigation of all 22 species of the NA cleomoids. We use this phylogenetic framework to assess the monophyly of these genera and test Iltis’ evolutionary “reduction series” hypothesis regarding phylogeny and fruit type/seed number. • Methods: Maximum likelihood and Bayesian analyses of four plastid intergenic spacer region sequences (rpl32-trnL, trnQ-rps16, ycf1-rps15, and psbA-trnH) and one nuclear (ITS) region were used to reconstruct phylogenetic relationships among all 22 species of NA cleomoids. Stochastic mapping and ancestral state reconstruction were used to study the evolution of fruit type. • Key results: Both analyses recovered nearly identical phylogenies for the NA cleomoids. Three of the currently recognized genera (Wislizenia, Carsonia, and Oxystylis) are monophyletic while two (Cleomella and Peritoma) are para- or polyphyletic. Both stochastic mapping and ancestral state reconstruction of fruit types supported a single origin of the two-seeded schizocarp in the ancestor of the Oxystylis/Wislizenia clade and a secondary derivation of elongated capsule-type fruits in Peritoma from a truncated capsule state in Cleomella. • Conclusions: Our well-resolved phylogeny supports most of the current species circumscriptions but not the currently recognized generic circumscriptions. Additionally, we test hypotheses regarding the evolution of fruit types within the NA cleomoids and our results support the reversion to elongated multi-seeded fruits from a truncate few-seeded ancestor in Peritoma.


Cleomaceae; Cleomella; Peritoma; Wislizenia; Carsonia; Oxystylis; reduction series; fruit evolution

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