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About Citation title: "Homoploid reticulate evolution in Helianthus (Asteraceae): Evidence from ribosomal genes.".
About This study was previously identified under the legacy study ID S2x3x96c16c45c53 (Status: Published).


Rieseberg L. 1991. Homoploid reticulate evolution in Helianthus (Asteraceae): Evidence from ribosomal genes. American Journal of Botany, 78: 1218-1237.


  • Rieseberg L.


Phylogenetic relationships among the 21 taxa comprising Helianthus sect. Helianthus and three outgroup species were assessed by restriction site mapping of the 1 8S-25S nuclear ribosomal RNA gene family. Wagner parsimony analysis of the 41 restriction site or length mutations observed produced a single 59-step most parsimonious tree. This tree was then compared to a cytoplasmic-based plastid phylogeny for this group. Several major discrepancies were observed between the two phylogenies suggesting both recent and ancient introgression. Furthermore, three cases of diploid hybrid speciation are unambiguously documented and a fourth case is suggested. These data are interpreted to suggest that evolution in Heliathus is reticulate rather than exclusively dichotomous and branching.

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