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About Citation title: "Multiple hybridization in the Aristolochia kaempferi group (Aristolochiaceae): evidence from reproductive isolation and molecular phylogeny".
About This study was previously identified under the legacy study ID S2057 (Status: Published).


Watanabe K., Ohi-toma T., & Murata J. 2008. Multiple hybridization in the Aristolochia kaempferi group (Aristolochiaceae): evidence from reproductive isolation and molecular phylogeny. American Journal of Botany, null.


  • Watanabe K.
  • Ohi-toma T.
  • Murata J.


Hybridization via distributional changes should be an important factor for plant speciation. Previous cpDNA analyses of the Aristolochia kaempferi group showed a distinct phylogeographic structure resulting from distributional changes brought about by paleo-climatic oscillations. However, the cpDNA phylogeny was incongruent with morphologically defined six taxa. To explore the evolutionary processes responsible for the inconsistency between cpDNA and morphology, artificial crossings and phylogenetic analyses using multiple nuclear markers were performed. All crosses among different taxa or cpDNA clades set fruit, if crossing direction is not considered. The five nuclear phylogenies mostly did not support either the taxa or the cpDNA clades. A combined analysis of cpDNA and the PI exon revealed the two major lineages in the group, lacking a prezygotic isolating barrier between them. However, an asymmetric prezygotic isolating barrier occurs between populations of the Japanese main islands and of other areas, which belong to different cpDNA subclades. It seems reasonable to conclude that the development of a prezygotic isolating mechanism is not necessarily proportional to the degree of genetic divergence. These results suggested that species boundaries within the group are blurred due to speciational processes associated with multiple hybridization and introgression resulting from repeated contacts among differentiated populations.

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