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About Citation title: "Greatly reduced phylogenetic structure in cultivated potato clade".
About Study name: "Greatly reduced phylogenetic structure in cultivated potato clade".
About This study is part of submission 21303 (Status: Published).


Spooner D., Ruess H., Arbizu C., Rodriguez F., & Sol?s-lemus C. 2017. Greatly reduced phylogenetic structure in cultivated potato clade. American Journal of Botany, .


  • Spooner D.
  • Ruess H.
  • Arbizu C.
  • Rodriguez F.
  • Sol?s-lemus C.


PREMISE OF THE STUDY: The species boundaries of wild and cultivated potatoes, Solanum section Petota, are controversial with most of the taxonomic problems in a clade containing cultivated potatoes. We here provide the first in-depth phylogenetic study of the cultivated potato clade to explore possible causes of these problems. METHODS: We examined 131 diploid accessions, using 12 nuclear orthologs, distributed on six of the 12 linkage groups, producing an aligned dataset of 14,072 DNA characters, 2171 of which are parsimony informative, and analyzed the data for phylogeny, concordance analysis, and goodness-of-fit tests. KEY RESULTS: There is good phylogenetic structure in clades traditionally referred to as clade 1+2, 3, and a newly discovered “basal” clade, but drastically reduced phylogenetic structure in the cultivated potato clade (clade 4). The goodness-of-fit tests test suggests potential hybridization between some species in this study group. However, we do not have enough signal with the data at hand to explicitly estimate such hybridization events with species networks methods. A newly discovered nuclear clade ‘neocardenasii’, in South America, sister to clade 1+2, possesses key morphological traits typical of diploids in Mexico and Central America. CONCLUSIONS: Our results document the close relationships of many of the species in the cultivated potato clade, provide insight into the cause of their taxonomic problems, and provide support the recent reduction of recognized species in this clade. The discovery of the ‘neocardenasii’ clade provides data to revise the biogeographic hypotheses of section Petota.


conserved nuclear orthologs, hybridization, potato

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