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About Citation title: "Molecular systematics of Clerodendrum (Lamiaceae): ITS sequencesces and total evidence.".
About This study was previously identified under the legacy study ID S227 (Status: Published).


Steane D., Scotland R., Mabberly D., & Olmstead R. 1998. Molecular systematics of Clerodendrum (Lamiaceae): ITS sequencesces and total evidence. American Journal of Botany, 86(1): 98?107.


  • Steane D.
  • Scotland R.
  • Mabberly D.
  • Olmstead R.


Thirty-three species of Clerodendrum s.l. and five outgroup genera were included in a sequence analysis of internal transcribed spacers of the nuclear ribosomal DNA. The results of the cladistic analysis were compared to and combined with cpDNA restriction site data from a previous study. All molecular data identified four major clades within Clerodendrum s.l. and showed the genus to be polyphyletic. Clerodendrum s.s., minus Konocalyx and Cyclonema, is monophyletic and the genus should be restricted to this group. Cyclonema and Konocalyx form a clade distinct from Clerodendrum s.s. which has been recognized as Rotheca Raf. (Steane and Mabberley, 1998).


chloroplast DNA; Clerodendrum; Cyclonema; internal transcribed spacer; Lamiaceae

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