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About Citation title: "Phylogenetic implications of chloroplast DNA restriction site variation in the Mutisieae (Asteraceae).".
About This study was previously identified under the legacy study ID S249 (Status: Published).


Jansen R.K., & Palmer J. 1988. Phylogenetic implications of chloroplast DNA restriction site variation in the Mutisieae (Asteraceae). American Journal of Botany, 75: 753-766.


  • Jansen R.K.
  • Palmer J.


Phylogenetic relationships among 13 species in the tribe Mutisieae and a single species from each of three other tribes in the Asteraceae were assessed by chloroplast DNA restriction site mapping Initially, 211 restriction site mutations were detected among 16 species using 10 restriction enzymes. Examination of 12 of these species using nine more enzymes revealed 179 additional restriction site mutations. Phylogenetic analyses of restriction site mutations were performed using both Dollo and Wagner parsimony, and the resulting monophyletic groups were statistically tested by the bootstrap method. The phylogenetic trees confirm an ancient evolutionary split in the Asteraceae that was previously suggested by the distribution of a chloroplast DNA inversion. The subtribe Barnadesiinae of the tribe Mutisieae is shown to be the ancestral group within the Asteraceae. The molecular phylogenies also confirm the paraphyly of the Mutisieae and provide statistical support for the monophyly of three of its four currently recognized subtribes (Barnadesiinae, Mutisiinae, and Nassauviinae). The fourth subtribe, Gochnatiinae, is shown to be paraphyletic. Within the subtribes, several closely related generic pairs are identified. Chloroplast DNA sequence divergence among genera of the Asteraceae ranges between 0.7 and 5.4%, which is relatively low in comparison to other angiosperm groups. This suggests that the Asteraceae is either a relatively young family or that its chloroplast DNA has evolved at a slower rate than in other families.

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