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About Citation title: "Isolation of madA homologs in Pilobolus crystallinus".
About This study was previously identified under the legacy study ID S2344 (Status: Published).


Kubo H. 2009. Isolation of madA homologs in Pilobolus crystallinus. Mycoscience, 50(5): 400-406.


  • Kubo H.


Pilobolus crystallinus shows unique photoresponses at various growing stages. I cloned cDNAs for putative photoreceptors of P. crystallinus. Three genes named pcmada1, pcmada2 and pcmada3 were identified from the PCR fragments, amplified with degenerated primers for the LOV domain which is conserved in many blue-light receptors. Deduced amino acid sequences for PCMADA1, PCMADA2 and PCMADA3 had one light, oxygen or voltage (LOV) and two PER-ARNT-SIM (PAS) domains. A zinc finger DNA binding motif was conserved in the C terminals of PCMADA1 and PCMADA3. However PCMADA2 lacked the zinc finger motif. Expression of pcmada1 was suppressed by blue light, while that of pcmada3 was promoted by blue light irradiation.

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