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About Citation title: "Second report of Polyporus longiporus and its phylogenetic position".
About This study was previously identified under the legacy study ID S2389 (Status: Published).


Sotome K., Hsttori T., Ota Y., & Kakishima M. 2008. Second report of Polyporus longiporus and its phylogenetic position. Mycoscience, 50(6): 415-420.


  • Sotome K.
  • Hsttori T.
  • Ota Y.
  • Kakishima M.


Polyporus longiporus, belonging to group Polyporellus, is newly reported from Japan what constitutes also the second report of the species since its original description. This species is characterized by radially elongated pores, smooth and brown to dark brown pileus and cylindrical and slightly curved basidiospores. Phylogenetic analysis based on the ITS region revealed that P. longiporus forms a terminal, strongly supported clade, closely related to P. ciliatus. A description and illustrations of the present species and a key to the species of group Polyporellus are provided.

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