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About Citation title: "Two new species of Neosartorya isolated from soil in Xinjiang, China.".
About This study was previously identified under the legacy study ID S2586 (Status: Published).


Yaguchi T., Matsuzawa T., Tanaka R., Abliz P., Hui Y., & Horie Y. 2010. Two new species of Neosartorya isolated from soil in Xinjiang, China. Mycoscience, .


  • Yaguchi T.
  • Matsuzawa T.
  • Tanaka R.
  • Abliz P.
  • Hui Y.
  • Horie Y.


Two new species, Neosartorya shendaweii and N. tsunodae, isolated from soil in Xinjing, China and in Pernambuco, Brazil, are described and illustrated. The first species is characterized by its ascospores with two widely separated equatorial crests and tuberculate to verrucose convex surfaces. This has affinities with several known species of the genus, bearing ascospores with a similar ornamentation, but can be distinguished from these species by other morphological characteristics such as smaller cleistothecia and conidiophores, spathulate vesicles and rather ellipsoidal codidia. The second species is characterized by its unique ascospores with two low equatorial crests, evident furrow as a deep depression and finely reticulate convex surfaces. The validation of these new species is supported further by analyses of the b-tubulin, calmodulin and actin gene sequences.


Aspergillus section Fumigati, Neosartorya shendaweii, Neosartorya tsunodae, Phylogeny, Taxonomy

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