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About Citation title: "Favolaschia in remnants of the Atlantic Forest, Brazil".
About Study name: "Favolaschia in remnants of the Atlantic Forest, Brazil".
About This study is part of submission 13549 (Status: Published).


Capelari M., Karstedt F., & Oliveira J.J. 2013. Favolaschia in remnants of the Atlantic Forest, Brazil. Mycoscience, 55(1): 12–20.


  • Capelari M.
  • Karstedt F.
  • Oliveira J.J. (submitter) Phone +55092981700362


The examination of recent collections of Favolaschia from remnants of the Atlantic Forest, Brazil, resulted in the identification of F. aurantiaca, F. cinnabarina and F. luteoaurantiaca sp. nov. ITS sequences obtained from these collections were introduced into the previously published phylogenetic tree of the genus to assess the position of these species within the Favolaschia clade. A Maximum Likelihood analysis generated a phylogenetic tree with a better resolution, especially for the clade that contains species belonging to the section Favolaschia subsection Auriscalpium, where the three Brazilian specimens also branched. Furthermore, F. cinnabarina was confirmed within the section Auriscalpium clade.


Basidiomycota, biodiverstiy, Mycenaceae, Tropical South America

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