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About Citation title: "Re-evaluation of Japanese Phytophthora isolates based on molecular phylogenetic analyses".
About Study name: "Re-evaluation of Japanese Phytophthora isolates based on molecular phylogenetic analyses".
About This study is part of submission 13726 (Status: Published).


Rahman M.Z., Uematsu S., Coffey M.D., Uzuhashi S., Suga H., & Koji K. 2014. Re-evaluation of Japanese Phytophthora isolates based on molecular phylogenetic analyses. Mycoscience, 55(4): 314-327.


  • Rahman M.Z. (submitter) Phone 09017541299
  • Uematsu S.
  • Coffey M.D.
  • Uzuhashi S.
  • Suga H.
  • Koji K.


Over the past 40 years in Japan, Phytophthora isolates have been collected from various diseased host tissues and infested soils and identified using morphological characters. In order to develop a molecular method for the characterization of Japanese Phytophthora species, we obtained nuclear (rDNA ITS and LSU regions) and mitochondrial (cox1) DNA sequences from 152 isolates representing 21 known species and 10 unidentified isolates. These were compared with similar sequences from representative isolates of known species. Of these, 125 isolates were found to have been correctly identified. Among the remaining 37 isolates, 19 showed high homology with other described species. The remaining 18 isolates showed only low levels of homology with any known species, and generated monophyletic sub-clades in a phylogenetic tree based on the ITS and LSU regions and the coxI gene. Therefore, these isolates are candidates for new species, falling into six groups. Together, the Japanese isolates were found to represent phylogenetically diverse groups of species. In a sequence variation analysis, the rDNA ITS regions and the coxI genes were found to be more variable than the rDNA LSU sequences, suggesting that they will be more useful for Phytophthora identification.


Homology • Identification • Intra-specific • Phylogeny • Variation・

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