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About Citation title: "Muscodor strobelli, new species from South India.".
About Study name: "Muscodor strobelli, new species from South India.".
About This study is part of submission 13782 (Status: Published).


Meshram V., Kapoor N., & Saxena S. 2012. Muscodor strobelli, new species from South India. Mycoscience, .


  • Meshram V.
  • Kapoor N. Phone 08054881036
  • Saxena S. Phone 91-175-2393394


Muscodor strobelli is the first report of a new species of Muscodor from South India wherein it exists as an endophyte in the stems of Cinnamomum zeylanicum. This fungus appears slightly yellowish, slimy with ropy mycelium and produces volatiles giving it a musty odour. The fungus does not produce any fruiting structures or spores when grown on various synthetic and natural media. SEM photomicrographs reveal novel phenotypic features of the mycelia anastomosing into fishing net like pattern and associated with it are structures which resemble like common zinnia flowers or buds of zinnia flowers. These structures have not been reported from any other Muscodor species except M. crispans which has cauliflower like structures. Further molecular genetic analysis using IT-DNA reveals only partial similarity to M. cinnamoni Cib461. Further RPB2–DNA analysis also reveals partial similarity to M. crispans B23 suggesting it to be a new species. The volatiles produced by M. strobii possess both antibacterial as well as antifungal activity against plant as well as human pathogens thus possessing potential to be developed into different applications. The VOC analysis by GC/MS exhibits all new classes of volatiles like Octadecylmorpholine, Viridiflorol, Terpinolene, Cyclohexene and Kopsinyl alcohol which has not been reported from other Muscodor species. It does not produce any volatile which is previously reported by Muscodor species making it unique. Thus, based on morphological, cultural, molecular and chemical properties it is justified that Muscodor strobeli is a new species of Muscodor.


VOCs, endophytes,Rainforest fungi; Scanning electron microscopy; Mass spectrometry; Ribosomal DNA, RPB2

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