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About Citation title: "Cleistocybe, a new genus of Agaricales.".
About This study was previously identified under the legacy study ID S1746 (Status: Published).


Ammirati J., Parker A.D., & Matheny P.B. 2007. Cleistocybe, a new genus of Agaricales. Mycoscience, 48: 282-289.


  • Ammirati J.
  • Parker A.D.
  • Matheny P.B. Phone 865-974-8896


A new genus of Agaricales, Cleistocybe, is described to accommodate the isolated evolutionary position of the new species Cleistocybe vernalis inferred by a previously published multigene phylogenetic study. Cleistocybe also encompasses a second species, C. gomphidioides, based on morphological comparisons with C. vernalis. Clitocybe subvelosa is confirmed as conspecific with C. gomphidioides based on morphological and ITS sequence comparisons of type collections. Cleistocybe is distinguished from other clitocyboid lineages by a combination of characteristics including lamellae that become gray in age; interwoven hymenophoral trama with divergent elements when young; strongly interwoven pileipellis with pigmented and incrusted hyphae; long, relatively narrow basidia; white spore deposit; and smooth, inamyloid basidiospores that are often inequilateral in profile view. Cleistocybe possesses a distinct or ephemeral fibrillose to submembranous veil that may form an annulus, a trait foreign to Clitocybe. Cleistocybe is known only from western North America in coniferous forests, and it appears most closely related to the ectomycorrhizal genus Catathelasma and the saprotrophic genera Callistosporium, Macrocybe, and Pleurocollybia, as well as Clitocybe cf. fellea, based on nLSU-rDNA phylogenetic analysis. Together these six genera and lineages constitute the Catathelasma clade.

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