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About Citation title: "First molecular identification of Pilobolus fungi from Africa (Kenya)".
About Study name: "First molecular identification of Pilobolus fungi from Africa (Kenya)".
About This study is part of submission 18210 (Status: Published).


Alouch A., Jowers M.J., Mungai P.G., Alasaad S., & Otiende M. 2015. First molecular identification of Pilobolus fungi from Africa (Kenya). Mycoscience, .


  • Alouch A.
  • Jowers M.J. (submitter) Phone 0034633337281
  • Mungai P.G.
  • Alasaad S.
  • Otiende M.


Pilobolus fungi are abundant in herbivore dung. Species identification within the genus has relied on morphological data, which lacks accuracy due to the overlap of several characters. In this study we applied molecular identification to assess the presence of Pilobolus species. This method is more reliable than the previously used morphometric analyses and the generated sequences can be used for future work. Dung samples were collected from different herbivores in Nairobi National Park and sporangium isolates were obtained for pure cultures. DNA was extracted from the pure cultures and Internal Transcribed Spacer regions amplified and sequenced. Two species of Pilobolus were identified, Pilobolus pullus, with a high genetic affinity, and a second cryptic species, morphologically identified as P. crystallinus, matched Pilobolus heterosporus. Lack of identification of other Pilobolus species, known as key species in lungworm transmission, may suggest the absence of such in the sampled area.


Pilobolus, fungi, ITS, Phylogeny, Kenya

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