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About Citation title: "Two new species of Spiromastigoides (Spiromastixales, Ascomycota)".
About Study name: "Two new species of Spiromastigoides (Spiromastixales, Ascomycota)".
About This study is part of submission 18317 (Status: Published).


Stchigel A.M., Sutton D., Cano J., Wiederhold N.P., & Guarro J. 2015. Two new species of Spiromastigoides (Spiromastixales, Ascomycota). Mycoscience, .


  • Stchigel A.M. Phone 34626525611
  • Sutton D.
  • Cano J.
  • Wiederhold N.P.
  • Guarro J.


Two new species of the genus Spiromastigoides (Spiromastixales, Ascomycota) are proposed and described based on morphological data and the analysis of rDNA sequences. They are Spiromastigoides albida, from a lung biopsy in USA, characterized by white colonies and a malbranchea-like asexual morph with curved conidiophores; and Spiromastigoides sugiyamae, from soil in Japan, morphologically very close to Spiromastigoides warcupii but with longer peridial appendages and a thallic asexual morph. In addition, the new combination Spiromastigoides alatospora (Gymnoascus alatosporus) is proposed.


Fungi, Phylogeny, Spiromastix, Taxonomy

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