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About Citation title: "Erysiphe monascogera sp. nov., an unusual powdery mildew fungus found on fruits of Styrax japonica".
About This study was previously identified under the legacy study ID S1882 (Status: Published).


Shiroya Y., Nakashima C., & Takamatsu S. 2007. Erysiphe monascogera sp. nov., an unusual powdery mildew fungus found on fruits of Styrax japonica. Mycoscience, null.


  • Shiroya Y.
  • Nakashima C.
  • Takamatsu S.


In late September of 2005, chasmothecia (fruiting bodies of powdery mildew fungi) were found on the surface of fruits or sepals of Styrax japonica at the campus of Shinshu University, Minami-Minowa, Nagano, Japan. Morphological observations using light and scanning electron microscopes and molecular phylogenetic analysis revealed that the fungus is a new species of the powdery mildew fungi with an unusual morphology, described here as Erysiphe monascogera. Erysiphe monascogera has a single ascus in a chasmothecium, but molecular phylogenetic analysis and shape of hyphal appressoria suggest that this fungus is an Erysiphe species. Erysiphe monascogera is a sister to E. nomurae on Symplocos chinensis var. leucocarpa f. pilosa, although there are obvious morphological differences between the two species. This inconsistency between molecular phylogeny and morphology may be explained with the unique habitat of E. monascogera. Erysiphe monascogera and E. nomurae are included in a clade composed of the E. alphitoides species complex, which suggests that these two species were diverged by host jumping of the E. alphitoides species complex having oaks as major host plants.

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