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About Citation title: "Sawadaea nankinensis comb. nov.: a powdery mildew fungus of Acer buergerianum".
About This study was previously identified under the legacy study ID S1920 (Status: Published).


Takamatsu S., Ito T., Yamamoto H., & Braun U. 2007. Sawadaea nankinensis comb. nov.: a powdery mildew fungus of Acer buergerianum. Mycoscience, null.


  • Takamatsu S.
  • Ito T.
  • Yamamoto H.
  • Braun U.


The anamorphic state of a powdery mildew on trident maple (Acer buergerianum, Aceraceae), belonging to Sawadaea, has been observed since 1980 in Tokyo and other areas of Japan. A few years ago, this fungus began to produce chasmothecia in various areas of Japan, which were consistent with Erysiphe nankinensis (= Uncinula nankinensis), but apparently contradictory to the characteristics of the anamorph. Based on a molecular phylogenetic analysis using DNAs separately extracted from anamorph and teleomorph of the fungus on A. buergerianum, it could be demonstrated that sequences of this fungus are sister to Sawadaea. Due to the anamorph belonging to Oidium subgen. Octagoidium and the phylogenetic position within the Sawadaea clade, the new combination Sawadaea nankinensis is proposed for this species. The genus Sawadaea is emended to comprise species with consistently unbranched appendages.

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