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About Citation title: "Taxonomic characterization of Shiraia-like fungi isolated".
About This study was previously identified under the legacy study ID S2084 (Status: Published).


Dorakotkarn D., Kawasaki H., Tanaka K., Okane I., & Seki T. 2008. Taxonomic characterization of Shiraia-like fungi isolated. Mycoscience, null.


  • Dorakotkarn D.
  • Kawasaki H.
  • Tanaka K.
  • Okane I.
  • Seki T.


The molecular phylogeny of nuclear LSU rDNA sequences (D1/D2 domain), ITS regions and beta-tubulin gene (tub2) showed that the seven strains of Shiraia-like fungi obtained from fresh bamboo tissues as endophytes were closely related to Shiraia bambusicola and had three distinctive lineages (groups A - C). The closest group (group A) to S. bambusicola produced distinctive prawn-shaped conidioma-like structures that differed from conidiomata in the anamorph of S. bambusicola. Currently, none of the morphological structures and molecular database records was compatible with our Shiraia-like fungi. These results reveal that Shiraia-like fungi group A is supposed to be a new species that should be assigned into a novel genus/species related to S. bambusicola.

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