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About Citation title: "Taxonomical re-examination of genus Neofusicoccum in Japan".
About Study name: "Taxonomical re-examination of genus Neofusicoccum in Japan".
About This study is part of submission 27074 (Status: Published).


Hattori Y., Ando Y., & Nakashima C. 2020. Taxonomical re-examination of genus Neofusicoccum in Japan. Mycoscience, .


  • Hattori Y. (submitter)
  • Ando Y. Phone +81298534707
  • Nakashima C.


The reexamination of the fungal genus Neofusicoccum in Japan based on morphological characteristics and molecular phylogenetic analyses using ITS of rDNA, rpb2, tef1-α, and tub2 regions was carried out. In this study, Japanese isolates were divided into five clades and identified as Neofusicoccum parvum and Neofusicoccum spp.. Three species; Neofusicoccum hyperici, Neofusicoccum miyakoense, and Neofusicoccum okinawaense are proposed as new species. Furthermore, Neofusicoccum laricinum which is causing shoot blight of Larch is transferred the genus Physalospora to the genus Neofusicoccum and established its epitype and ex-epitype.


new species, Botryosphaeriaceae, phylogeny, epitypification, Larix

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