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About Citation title: "Two new Corollospora species and one anamorph based on morphological and molecular data".
About This study was previously identified under the legacy study ID S2325 (Status: Published).


Abdel-wahab M.A., Nagahama T., & Abdel-aziz F. 2009. Two new Corollospora species and one anamorph based on morphological and molecular data. Mycoscience, 50(3): 147-155.


  • Abdel-wahab M.A. Phone +2-01016328938
  • Nagahama T.
  • Abdel-aziz F.


Two new species of the genus Corollospora namely C. anglusa sp. nov. and its anamorph Varicosporina anglusa sp. nov. and C. portsaidica, which were isolated from the coast of the Mediterranean Sea in Egypt are described in this article based on morphological and molecular evidence. The two new species have one-septate ascospores. C. anglusa resembles C. gracilis by having narrow one-septate hyaline ascospore however they differ in ascomata and ascospore dimensions and in pure culture characteristics. Single ascospore culture of C. anglusa produces the conidia of its anamorph. V. anglusa is different from the other two Varicosporina species by having conidial branches that are filamentous, hypha-like that are disarticulating into two- or one-celled fragments. C. portsaidica is morphologically similar to C. cinnamomia but they differ in the dimensions, shape and ornamentation of the ascospores. The new taxa were confirmed to be divergent from similar Corollospora species based on their phylogenetic analyses of partial sequences of the LSU rDNA region.

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