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About Citation title: "A class-wide phylogenetic assessment of Dothideomycetes".
About This study was previously identified under the legacy study ID S2602 (Status: Published).


Schoch C.L., Crous P.W., Groenewald J.Z., Boehm E., Burgess T., De gruyter J., De hoog G., Dixon L., Grube M., Gueidan C., Harada Y., Hatakeyama S., Hirayama K., Hosoya T., Huhndorf S., Hyde K.D., Jones E., Kruys Ĺ., Kohlmeyer J., Li Y., Lücking R., Lumbsch H., Marvanová L., Mbatchou J., Mcvay A., Miller A.N., Mugambi G., Muggia L., Nelsen M., Nelson P., Owensby C., Phillips A., Phongpaichit S., Pointing S., Pujade-renaud V., Raja H., Rivas-plata E., Robbertse B., Ruibal C., Sakayaroj J., Sano T., Selbmann L., Shearer C., Shirouzu T., Slippers B., Suetrong S., Tanaka K., Volkmann-kohlmeyer B., Wingfield M.J., Wood A., Woudenberg J., Yonezawa H., Zhang Y., & Spatafora J. 2010. A class-wide phylogenetic assessment of Dothideomycetes. Studies in Mycology, 64(1): 1-1510.


  • Schoch C.L.
  • Crous P.W.
  • Groenewald J.Z. Phone +31302122600
  • Boehm E.
  • Burgess T.
  • De gruyter J.
  • De hoog G.
  • Dixon L.
  • Grube M.
  • Gueidan C.
  • Harada Y.
  • Hatakeyama S.
  • Hirayama K.
  • Hosoya T.
  • Huhndorf S.
  • Hyde K.D.
  • Jones E.
  • Kruys Ĺ.
  • Kohlmeyer J.
  • Li Y.
  • Lücking R.
  • Lumbsch H.
  • Marvanová L.
  • Mbatchou J.
  • Mcvay A.
  • Miller A.N. Phone (217) 244-0439
  • Mugambi G.
  • Muggia L.
  • Nelsen M.
  • Nelson P.
  • Owensby C.
  • Phillips A.
  • Phongpaichit S.
  • Pointing S.
  • Pujade-renaud V.
  • Raja H.
  • Rivas-plata E.
  • Robbertse B.
  • Ruibal C.
  • Sakayaroj J.
  • Sano T.
  • Selbmann L.
  • Shearer C.
  • Shirouzu T.
  • Slippers B.
  • Suetrong S.
  • Tanaka K.
  • Volkmann-kohlmeyer B.
  • Wingfield M.J.
  • Wood A.
  • Woudenberg J.
  • Yonezawa H.
  • Zhang Y.
  • Spatafora J.


We present a comprehensive phylogeny derived from 5 genes, nucSSU, nucLSU rDNA, TEF1, RPB1 and RPB2, for 356 isolates and 41 families (six newly described in this volume) in Dothideomycetes. All currently accepted orders in the class are represented for the first time in addition to numerous previously unplaced lineages. Subclass Pleosporomycetidae is expanded to include the aquatic order Jahnulales. An ancestral reconstruction of basic nutritional modes supports numerous transitions from saprobic life histories to plant associated and lichenised modes and a transition from terrestrial to aquatic habitats are confirmed. Finally, a genomic comparison of 6 dothideomycete genomes with other fungi finds a high level of unique protein associated with the class, supporting its delineation as a separate taxon.


Ascomycota, Pezizomycotina, Dothideomyceta, fungal evolution, lichens, multigene phylogeny, phylogenomics, plant pathogens, saprobes, Tree of Life

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