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About Citation title: "Conioscyphascus, a new ascomycetous genus for holomorphs with Conioscypha anamorphs".
About This study was previously identified under the legacy study ID S1182 (Status: Published).


Reblova M., & Seifert K. 2004. Conioscyphascus, a new ascomycetous genus for holomorphs with Conioscypha anamorphs. Studies in Mycology, 50.


  • Reblova M.
  • Seifert K.


The new genus Conioscyphascus is described for the teleomorph of the hyphomycete Conioscypha varia, and a second species C. gracilis, based on Debaryella gracilis. Species of the new genus produce inconspicuous, superficial or immersed, ostiolate, smooth, hyaline to pale orange, perithecia with two-layered walls, hyaline, septate paraphyses, 8-spored unitunicate asci with a refractive J- apical annulus, and fusiform 3-7 septate ascospores. Phylogenetic analyses of alignments of large and small subunit rDNA sequences suggest a strongly supported, close relationship among the three Conioscypha species sampled and Ascotaiwania and Carpoligna, but the family and order relationships of this clade remain uncertain.

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