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About Citation title: "Celoporthe dispersa gen. et sp. nov. from native Myrtales in South Africa".
About This study was previously identified under the legacy study ID S1488 (Status: Published).


Nakabonge G., Gryzenhout M., Roux J., Wingfield B.D., & Wingfield M.J. 2006. Celoporthe dispersa gen. et sp. nov. from native Myrtales in South Africa. Studies in Mycology, 98: 239-249.


  • Nakabonge G.
  • Gryzenhout M.
  • Roux J.
  • Wingfield B.D.
  • Wingfield M.J.


In a survey for Cryphonectria and Chrysoporthe species on Myrtales in South Africa, a fungus resembling the stem canker pathogen Chrysoporthe austroafricana was collected from native Syzygium cordatum near Tzaneen (Limpopo Province), Heteropyxis canescens near Lydenburg (Mpumalanga Province) and exotic Tibouchina granulosa in Durban (KwaZulu-Natal Province). The fungus was associated with dying branches and stems on S. cordatum, H. canescens and T. granulosa. However, morphological differences were detected between the unknown fungus from these three hosts and known species of Chrysoporthe. The aim of this study was to characterise the fungus using DNA sequence comparisons and morphological features. Pathogenicity tests were also conducted to assess its virulence on Eucalyptus (ZG 14 clones), H. natalensis and T. granulosa. Plants of H. canescens were not available for inoculation. Results showed distinct morphological differences between the unknown fungus and Chrysoporthe spp. Phylogenetic analysis showed that isolates reside in a clade separate from Chrysoporthe and other related genera. Celoporthe dispersa gen. et sp. nov. is, therefore, described to accommodate this fungus. Pathogenicity tests showed that C. dispersa is not pathogenic to H. natalensis, but that it is a potential pathogen of Eucalyptus and Tibouchina spp.

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