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About Citation title: "Cladosporium species in indoor environments".
About Study name: "Cladosporium species in indoor environments".
About This study is part of submission 21415 (Status: Published).


Bensch K., Groenewald J.Z., Meijer M., Dijksterhuis J., Jurjevic Z., Andersen B., Houbraken J., Crous P.W., & Samson R. 2018. Cladosporium species in indoor environments. Studies in Mycology, 89: 177-301.


  • Bensch K.
  • Groenewald J.Z. (submitter) Phone +31302122600
  • Meijer M.
  • Dijksterhuis J.
  • Jurjevic Z.
  • Andersen B.
  • Houbraken J. Phone +31 (0)30 2122600
  • Crous P.W.
  • Samson R.


As part of a worldwide survey of the indoor mycobiota about 520 new Cladosporium isolates from indoor environments mainly collected in China, Europe, New Zealand, North America and South Africa were investigated by using a polyphasic approach to determine their species identity. All Cladosporium species occurring in indoor environments are fully described and illustrated. Fourty-six Cladosporium species are treated of which 16 species are introduced as new. A key for the most common Cladosporium species isolated from indoor environments is provided. Cladosporium halotolerans proved to be the most frequently isolated Cladosporium species indoors.


Indoor molds, New species, Phylogeny, Taxonomy, 16 new taxa

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