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Citation for Study 10257

About Citation title: "Calonectria species associated with cutting rot of Eucalyptus.".
About This study was previously identified under the legacy study ID S2616 (Status: Published).


Lombard L., Zhou X., Crous P.W., Wingfield B.D., & Wingfield M.J. 2010. Calonectria species associated with cutting rot of Eucalyptus. Persoonia, 24: 1-11.


  • Lombard L.
  • Zhou X.
  • Crous P.W.
  • Wingfield B.D.
  • Wingfield M.J.


Decline in the productivity of Eucalyptus hybrid cutting production in the Guangdong Province of China is linked to cutting rot associated with unknown Calonectria spp. The aim of this study was to identify these fungi using morphological and DNA sequence comparisons. Two previously undescribed Calonectria spp., Ca. pseudoreteaudii sp. nov. and Ca. cerciana sp. nov. were identified as well as Ca. pauciramosa. Calonectria pseudoreteaudii resides in the Ca. reteaudii complex and Ca. cerciana is closely related to Ca. morganii. Connected to the discovery of Ca. pseudoreteaudii, species in the Ca. reteaudii complex were re-considered and the group is shown to accommodate two cryptic species. These are provided with the names Ca. queenslandica sp. nov. and Ca. terrae-reginae sp. nov.


Australia, Calonectria, China, Cylindrocladium, Eucalyptus, systematics

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