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About Citation title: "Kohninia linnaeicola - a new genus and species of the Sclerotiniaceae pathogenic to Linnaea borealis.".
About This study was previously identified under the legacy study ID S1012 (Status: Published).


Holst-jensen A., Vralstad T., & Schumacher T. 2004. Kohninia linnaeicola - a new genus and species of the Sclerotiniaceae pathogenic to Linnaea borealis. Mycologia, 96: 136-143.


  • Holst-jensen A.
  • Vralstad T.
  • Schumacher T.


A new genus and species is described to accommodate a newly discovered fungus pathogenic to Linnaea borealis. The fungus forms true sclerotia on stems and leaves of its host, and apothecia arise singly or gregarious on the surface of ripe sclerotia. The new fungus was collected together with a conidiomatal anamorphic fungus that occurred on the same host. A putative teleomorph - anamorph-connection of the observed taxa was ruled out by sequence comparison of the nuclear ribosomal internal transcribed spacer DNA sequences (ITS nrDNA). Based on morphology and pathogenicity, the new fungus belongs in the family Sclerotiniaceae, Helotiales, Ascomycota. A phylogenetic analysis of ITS nrDNA sequences from 26 taxa of the family Sclerotiniaceae was performed in order to conclude on the systematic position of the new fungus. The small tuberoid sclerotia, brownish subsessile to substipitate apothecia, four-spored asci, ellipsoid to isthmoid ascospores, inability to grow on PDA culture media, and a number of ITS nrDNA sequence autapomorphies characterize and distinguish the fungus from other taxa of the Sclerotiniaceae.

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