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About Citation title: "Molecular phylogenetics of Garrya (Garryaceae)".
About Study name: "Molecular phylogenetics of Garrya (Garryaceae)".
About This study is part of submission 11755 (Status: Published).


Burge D.O. 2011. Molecular phylogenetics of Garrya (Garryaceae). Madro?o, .


  • Burge D.O. (submitter) Phone 9194336011


Garrya (Garryaceae) comprises 15 species of shrubs and small trees restricted to the Americas. Garrya is taxonomically divided into two sections, Garrya and Fadyenia, which differ in morphology, secondary chemistry, and geographic distribution. The present work uses nuclear ribosomal DNA (ITS) sequence data from 11 Garrya species to elucidate phylogenetic relationships within the genus and test the monophyly of the sections. Results indicate that Garrya contains one very strongly supported clade, corresponding to section Fadyenia; section Garrya is not strongly supported as monophyletic. In addition, ITS data do not provide evidence for genetic admixture between the two sections of Garrya in spite of broad geographic overlap.


Aucuba, California, Eucommia, Fadyenia, Garrya, Garryaceae, ITS, Mexico

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