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About Citation title: "Parallel evolution of endospory within hornworts: Nothoceros renzagliensis (Dendrocerotaceae), sp. nov.".
About Study name: "Parallel evolution of endospory within hornworts: Nothoceros renzagliensis (Dendrocerotaceae), sp. nov.".
About This study is part of submission 11634 (Status: Published).


Villarreal J., Campos s. L.V., Uribe melendez J., & Goffinet B. 2011. Parallel evolution of endospory within hornworts: Nothoceros renzagliensis (Dendrocerotaceae), sp. nov. Systematic Botany, .


  • Villarreal J.
  • Campos s. L.V.
  • Uribe melendez J.
  • Goffinet B.


Heterospory and endospory are two significant innovations toward the evolution of the seed. Heterospory is not present in bryophytes, but characterizes several lineages of seedless vascular plants. Heterospory is tightly linked to endospory, (except in the fern Platyzoma) but endospororic plants may not be heterosporous. Endospory in bryophytes is scattered across several lineages of liverworts and mosses. In hornworts, the development of a few cells before exine rupture has been reported for Phaeoceros carolinianus under culture conditions. In contrast, endospory leading to the formation of highly developed and multicellular spores inside the capsule has been reported only in the exclusively epiphytic genus Dendroceros. Here we describe a new species of Nothoceros, N. renzagliensis from Pasto, Colombia. The species is distinctive for its endosporic condition and Dendroceros-like spores. Gametophyte anatomy and sequence data from all cellular compartments place this species within the genus Nothoceros and as the sister taxon to all Neotropical Nothoceros. We re-evaluate the evolution of endospory in hornworts and we show two cases of parallel evolution of this trait across hornwort phylogeny. Endospory seems to be a highly homoplastic feature across all bryophytes with several independent origins in mosses and liverworts. Further work on the ecophysiology of endosporic hornworts is warranted


bryophytes, Colombia, endosporic germination, hornworts, independent evolution, Nothoceros

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