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About Citation title: "Notes on powdery mildews of the genus Erysiphe from Azerbaijan.".
About Study name: "Notes on powdery mildews of the genus Erysiphe from Azerbaijan.".
About This study is part of submission 21704 (Status: Published).


Abasova L., Aghayeva D., & Takamatsu S. 2018. Notes on powdery mildews of the genus Erysiphe from Azerbaijan. Current Research in Environmental & Applied Mycology, 8(1): 50-53 .


  • Abasova L. (submitter) Phone +994-50-996-99-84
  • Aghayeva D.
  • Takamatsu S. Phone 81-59-231-9497


This study was done for inventory of powdery mildew fungi in Azerbaijan. Thirty-four powdery mildew samples on 18 host species were collected in 20142016 from this country and examined by morphological and molecular methods. Consequently, 18 powdery mildew taxa have been identified. The morphological characteristics of these species are described and illustrated. Erysiphe arcuata, E. corylacearum, E. quercicola, E. syringae-japonicae, and E. viciae-unijugae are new powdery mildew species recorded from Azerbaijan. In addition, Corylus avellana for E. corylacearum, Castanea sativa for E. quercicola, Carpinus orientalis for E. arcuata are new host species for the mentioned fungi worldwide.


Erysiphaceae, molecular analysis, morphology, new host records, taxonomy

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