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About Citation title: "Fusarium miscanthi sp. nov. from Miscanthus Litter.".
About This study was previously identified under the legacy study ID S226 (Status: Published).


Gams W., Klamer M., & O'donnell K. 1999. Fusarium miscanthi sp. nov. from Miscanthus Litter. Mycologia, 91(2): 263-268.


  • Gams W.
  • Klamer M.
  • O'donnell K. Phone 309-681-6383


Fusarium miscanthi sp. nov. was isolated from straw of Japanese plume grass, Miscanthus sinensis, buried in a Danish soil. It is characterized by long chains of microconidia which can be either pyriform or fusiform and are produced on polyphialides. Perithecia were not obtained in mating experiments. A strongly supported F. miscanthi-F. nisikadoi clade forms a putative sister-group to the Fusarium oxysporum complex. These two clades form a strongly supported sister-group to the Gibberella fujikuroi complex. Introduction of F. miscanthi into Denmark from Asia together with the grass seems plausible.


Gibberella; litter bag; morphology; new species; phylogeny; rDNA

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