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About Citation title: "Comments on genomic genera in the Triticeae (Poaceae).".
About This study was previously identified under the legacy study ID S2x2x96c16c32c09 (Status: Published).


Kellogg E. 1989. Comments on genomic genera in the Triticeae (Poaceae). American Journal of Botany, 76: 796-805.


  • Kellogg E.


Generic delimitation in the Triticeae has long been problematical because the extensive hybridization in the group is not readily accomodated in a hierarchical classification. The genomic genera of Love (1984) are one solution, but fully one-third of them are polyphyletic, incorporating 2 or more genomes. The suggestion that the tribe be considered a single genus (Stebbins, 1956) is theoretically defensiblethe genus would be strictly monophyleticbut probably impractical. This paper presents a cladistic analysis of the tribe that differs from previous analyses in that it uses only strictly monophyletic (monogenomic) groups as terminal taxa; hybrids (heterogenomic groups) are shown as reticulations. Monophyletic groups can then be delimited to minimize the number of polyphyletic genera. A classification incorporating genomic information is derived from the phylogeny.

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