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About Citation title: "Erysiphe fimbriata sp. nov.: a powdery mildew fungus found on Carpinus laxiflora".
About This study was previously identified under the legacy study ID S1942 (Status: Published).


Takamatsu S., Masuya H., Divarangkoon R., & Nomura Y. 2007. Erysiphe fimbriata sp. nov.: a powdery mildew fungus found on Carpinus laxiflora. Mycoscience, null.


  • Takamatsu S.
  • Masuya H.
  • Divarangkoon R.
  • Nomura Y.


In March 2003, powdery mildew-like ascomata attached to fallen twigs of Corylus laxiflora in litter were found in the Mikamoyama Park, Tochigi, Japan. Both morphological observations and molecular phylogenetic analyses indicated that the fungus is a member of the powdery mildew fungi. In this study, we report the morphological and molecular characteristics of this fungus and propose Erysiphe fimbriata as a new species. Erysiphe fimbriata has large chasmothecia (200–250 µm diam) with long (up to 4–5 mm in length), fimbriate appendages arising from the upper half of the chasmothecia and turning upward, and numerous asci (22–38 per chasmothcium). Erysiphe fimbriata is a unique fungus both genetically and morphologically.

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