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About Citation title: "Flammulina species from China inferred by morphological and molecular data".
About This study was previously identified under the legacy study ID S2343 (Status: Published).


Ge Z., Yang Z., Zhang P., Matheny P.B., & Hibbett D. 2008. Flammulina species from China inferred by morphological and molecular data. Fungal Diversity, 32: 59-68.


  • Ge Z.
  • Yang Z.
  • Zhang P.
  • Matheny P.B. Phone 865-974-8896
  • Hibbett D.


Morphological, phylogenetic and biogeographic studies were carried out on Chinese collections of Flammulina. It is revealed that at least four species [F. rossica, Flammulina sp. (HKAS 51191), F. velutipes and F. yunnanensis] occur in China. Flammulina yunnanensis is described as new based on morphological and molecular data. F. rossica, a new record to China, is confirmed to have a Holarctic distribution. Flammulina sp. has a hymeniform suprapellis but is phylogenetically close to F. velutipes. Analyses of the ITS/5.8S rDNA sequences of Flammulina species suggest that collections of F. velutipes from China are more closely related to a Canadian population rather than to those of Europe and the USA.

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