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About Citation title: "Systematics of the genus Metalasia (Asteraceae-Gnaphalieae).".
About This study was previously identified under the legacy study ID S11x5x95c19c29c47 (Status: Published).


Karis P. 1989. Systematics of the genus Metalasia (Asteraceae-Gnaphalieae). Opera Botanica, 99: 1-150.


  • Karis P.


The genus Metalasia of the Asteraceae-Gnaphalieae is monographed. Metalasia is found in Southern Africa, mainly in the Cape region of South Africa. Only one species, viz. M. densa occurs outside the Cape Province, i.e. in Natal, Transvaal, the Orange Free State and also in Lesotho. Of the 52 species, two are each divided into two subspecies. and one is divided into two forms. 14 new species are descrihed, viz. M. acuta, M. albescens, M. calcicola, M. humilis, M. inversa, M. lueola, M. montana, M. oligocephala, M. plicata, M. serrata, M. serrulata, M. tenuis, M. trivialis, and M. umbelliformis, Metalasia divergens ssp. fusc a is also a new taxon. New combinations are Metalasia densa, M. pulchella, M. pulcllerrima f. pallescens and M. phillipsii ssp. incurva. A number of anatomical features of Metalasiaare discussed, which are also a major source of character states, yielding the basis for a cladistic analvsis of Metalasia, including its closest relatives, viz. Atrichalltha and Calotesta alba. Chromosome numbers from four species of Metalasia are given. A few examples of cladistic biogeography from the western Cape are presented.

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