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About Citation title: "Spirosphaera cupreorufescens sp. nov., a rare aeroaquatic fungus".
About This study was previously identified under the legacy study ID S1142 (Status: Published).


Voglmayr H. 2004. Spirosphaera cupreorufescens sp. nov., a rare aeroaquatic fungus. Studies in Mycology, 49.


  • Voglmayr H.


Spirosphaera cupreorufescens is described as a new aeroaquatic fungus. It inhabits leaves of deciduous trees submerged in small ditches or puddles in slightly minerotrophic bogs and mires. Molecular phylogenetic analyses of partial nLSU and of the ITS1-5.8S-ITS2 rDNA sequences are given to reveal its phylogenetic position. Although it is morphologically clearly attributable to the anamorph genus Spirosphaera, LSU rDNA sequence data show that it is not related to the type species of the genus, Spirosphaera floriformis. Whereas Spirosphaera floriformis is phylogenetically placed within the unitunicate Leotiomycetidae sensu lato, Spirosphaera cupreorufescens is embedded within the bitunicate Dothideomycetes. The genus Spirosphaera in its current circumscription is shown to be polyphyletic; however, lack of morphologically discriminating features prevent generic splitting, and the genus Spirosphaera is maintained as an anamorph form-genus. A key to all described species of Spirosphaera is provided.

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