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About Citation title: "Five new Simplicillium species (Cordycipitaceae) from soils in Tokyo, Japan".
About Study name: "Five new Simplicillium species (Cordycipitaceae) from soils in Tokyo, Japan".
About This study is part of submission 12301 (Status: Published).


Nonaka K., Kaifuchi S., Omura S., & Masuma R. 2013. Five new Simplicillium species (Cordycipitaceae) from soils in Tokyo, Japan. Mycoscience, 54(1): 42-53.


  • Nonaka K. (submitter) Phone +81-3-5791-6324
  • Kaifuchi S.
  • Omura S.
  • Masuma R.


Eighteen Simplicillium isolates were discovered from soil samples collected on the Honshu, Bonin, and Izu islands in areas under the jurisdiction of Tokyo, Japan. Using a combination of micro-morphological characteristics and sequences of the ribosomal RNA gene ITS region, the isolates were classified as six Simplicillium species, and five of them were previously undescribed. The five species (S. aogashimaense, S. cylindrosporum, S. obclavatum, S. subtropicum and S. sympodiophorum) were discovered from the Chichi-jima, Hachijo, and Aogashima islands, and S. minatense was discovered from Honshu. The five new species and three known species are distinguished by conidial morphology.


ITS region, Oceanic islands, Onion garlic agar, Soil-habited fungi, Taxonomy

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