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About Citation title: "Taxonomic Revision of the Fern Genus Osmolindsaea (Lindsaeaceae)".
About Study name: "Taxonomic Revision of the Fern Genus Osmolindsaea (Lindsaeaceae)".
About This study is part of submission 13672 (Status: Published).


Lehtonen S., Tuomisto H., Rouhan G., & Christenhusz M. 2013. Taxonomic Revision of the Fern Genus Osmolindsaea (Lindsaeaceae). Systematic Botany, 38(4): 887-900.


  • Lehtonen S. (submitter) Phone +358 2 333 8743
  • Tuomisto H.
  • Rouhan G.
  • Christenhusz M.


The fern genus Osmolindsaea has recently been recognized as separate from Lindsaea on the basis of molecular data. Here we provide a taxonomic revision of Osmolindsaea based on morphological examination of herbarium specimens and molecular phylogenetic analysis of five plastid loci (trnL-trnF, trnH-psbA, rpoC1, rps4, and rps4-trnS). We recognize seven species in the genus, two of which are here described as new to science (O. latisquama and O. leptolepida) and three are transferred to this genus from Lindsaea (O. himalaica, O. minor, and O. plumula). A key to the species is provided, as well as descriptions, illustrations, synonymy, and a list of examined specimens for each species.


Fern systematics, Lindsaea, Madagascar, molecular phylogeny, new species, pteridophytes

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