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About Citation title: "Hypocrea crystalligena sp. nov., a common European species with a white-spored Trichoderma anamorph".
About This study was previously identified under the legacy study ID S1477 (Status: Published).


Jaklitsch W.M., Komon M., Kubicek C., & Druzhinina I. 2006. Hypocrea crystalligena sp. nov., a common European species with a white-spored Trichoderma anamorph. Mycologia, null.


  • Jaklitsch W.M.
  • Komon M.
  • Kubicek C.
  • Druzhinina I.


The new species <i>Hypocrea crystalligena</i> (Hypocreales, Ascomycota, Fungi) is described as a holomorph and characterized based on an integrated phenetic and molecular approach, using teleomorph and anamorph morphologies, culture studies, and analyses of phylogenetic markers such as internal transcribed spacer 1 and 2 (ITS1 and 2), two last introns of the translation elongation factor 1-alpha encoding gene (<i>tef1</i>), and a portion of the <i>rpb2</i> gene, encoding the second largest RNA polymerase subunit. Stromata of <i>H. crystalligena</i> show similarities with those of species from section <i>Trichoderma</i>, but differ in several respects, including color, presence of white crystals on the surface, and small ascospores. Colonies on CMD appear distinct, form colorless to white crystals upon isolation, a yellowish to brown pigment, and a white-spored anamorph exhibiting verticillium-like to gliocladium-like structural elements. ITS1 and 2 sequences exhibit all genus-specific features but also contain several unique hallmarks permitting development of a species-diagnostic barcode. Based on the analyses of partial <i>rpb2</i> and <i>tef1</i> sequences, <i>H. crystalligena</i> constitutes a separate evolutionary lineage with <i>H. megalocitrina</i> and <i>H. psychrophila</i> as next neighbors. All these species form one phylogenetic clade with the <i>H. pulvinata - H. citrina</i> node.

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