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About Citation title: "Calonectria species and their Cylindrocladium anamorphs: species with clavate vesicles".
About This study was previously identified under the legacy study ID S1508 (Status: Published).


Crous P.W., Groenewald J.Z., Risede J., Simoneau P., & Hyde K.D. 2006. Calonectria species and their Cylindrocladium anamorphs: species with clavate vesicles. Studies in Mycology, null.


  • Crous P.W.
  • Groenewald J.Z. Phone +31302122600
  • Risede J.
  • Simoneau P.
  • Hyde K.D.


The present study compares all known species of Cylindrocladium that have clavate vesicles. Several isolates were baited from soils collected in various parts of the world, while others were associated with leaf litter or symptomatic plant hosts. Isolates were compared based on morphology, as well as DNA sequence data from their b-tubulin and histone gene H3 regions. Two species, Cy. australiense and Cy. ecuadoriae, are newly described based on morphology and molecular data. The Cylindrocladium species associated with toppling disease of banana is identified as Cy. flexuosum. An epitype is designated for Cy. ilicicola, and a new name, Curvicladiella, proposed for the mitosporic genus Curvicladium, as the latter name is already occupied.

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