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About Citation title: "Lecanicillium sabanense sp. nov. (Cordycipitaceae) a new fungal entomopathogen of coccids".
About Study name: "Lecanicillium sabanense sp. nov. (Cordycipitaceae) a new fungal entomopathogen of coccids".
About This study is part of submission 17427 (Status: Published).


Chirivi-salomon J.S., Danies G., Restrepo S., & Sanjuan T.I. 2015. Lecanicillium sabanense sp. nov. (Cordycipitaceae) a new fungal entomopathogen of coccids. Phytotaxa, 234(1): 063-074.


  • Chirivi-salomon J.S. (submitter) Phone 0573118983072
  • Danies G.
  • Restrepo S.
  • Sanjuan T.I. Phone +5712711838


A new species of Lecanicillium was found associated with the soft scale insect Pulvinaria caballeroramosae (Coccidae), an important pest of Ficus soatensis (Moraceae) in Bogotá, Colombia. Lecanicillium sabanerum sp. nov. differs from similar Lecanicillium spp. mainly in the size of the conidia, in the vertical arrangement of phialides on the host, and in the tomentose mycelium that sparsely covers the cuticle of the host. Phylogenetic analyses using the nuclear sequences ITS1, SSU, LSU, TEF, RPB1, and RPB2 also confirmed the distinctiveness of this new species. Fungal epizootics were found on female soft scale insects, which may have important implications for inclusion and establishment of biological control parameters in the forestry program of the city. The ecology of the fungus as well as its potential use as a biological control agent are further discussed.

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