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About Citation title: "Hydropisphaera fungicola Rossman, Farr & Newcombe, sp. nov".
About This study was previously identified under the legacy study ID S2018 (Status: Published).


Rossman A., Farr D., Platas G., & Newcombe G. 2008. Hydropisphaera fungicola Rossman, Farr & Newcombe, sp. nov. Fungal Planet, 24.


  • Rossman A.
  • Farr D.
  • Platas G.
  • Newcombe G.


A new species of fungi was discovered that parasitizes Ulocladium in association with Melampsora rust on decaying leaves of Populus trichocarpa in Idaho. The fungus is described as a new species of Hydropisphaera in the ascomycete order Hypocreales in the family Bionectriaceae. This new species of Hydropisphaera has the following characteristics: ascomata subglobose to globose, 310-420 ?m diam ~ 280-350 ?m high, with faint to distinct flattened, apex, 140-210 um diam. Ascospores 8.9-10.6 ~ 4.3-5.9 ?m, short fusiform, one-septate, faintly striate. An Acremonium-like anamorph is produced in dual culture.

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