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About Citation title: "Ceratocystis uchidae, a new species on Araceae in Hawaii and Fiji".
About Study name: "Ceratocystis uchidae, a new species on Araceae in Hawaii and Fiji".
About This study is part of submission 20646 (Status: Published).


Li Q., Harrington T., Mcnew D.L., & Li J. 2017. Ceratocystis uchidae, a new species on Araceae in Hawaii and Fiji. Mycoscience, .


  • Li Q.
  • Harrington T. (submitter) Phone 5152940582
  • Mcnew D.L.
  • Li J.


An examination of isolates of Ceratocystis fimbriata from corms of Araceae (Colocasia esculenta, taro, and Xanthosoma sagittifolium) from Hawaii and Fiji found that they represent a new species, Ceratocystis uchidae sp. nov. Phylogenetic analyses showed that the new species is in the Asian-Australian Clade of the C. fimbriata complex, and it is most closely related to C. polychroma from Indonesia and C. cercfabiensis from China. Ceratocystis uchidae differs from these species in its shorter perithecial necks, longer ostiolar hyphae, and reduced growth at 32 C compared to 30 C. An unnamed species on Eucalyptus sp. from Yunnan, China was similar to C. uchidae, but C. uchidae forms shorter perithecial necks, and the two species were not interfertile in mating tests. Crossing of mating testers demonstrated that C. uchidae and C. polychroma also are not interfertile. Isolates of C. cercfabiensis showed substantial variation in mycelial morphology, with frequent sectoring. Perithecial necks of C. cercfabiensis varied greatly in length, and perithecia with the longest necks failed to exude ascospores. Also, tester strains of C. cercfabiensis were partially interfertile with tester strains of C. uchidae. Ceratocystis cercfabiensis appears to be an aberrant species and may be a hybrid between two other Ceratocystis spp.

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