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About Citation title: "New and rare taxa in Agaricus section Bivelares (Duploannulati)".
About This study was previously identified under the legacy study ID S2128 (Status: Published).


Kerrigan R., Callac P., & Parra L. 2008. New and rare taxa in Agaricus section Bivelares (Duploannulati). Mycologia, null.


  • Kerrigan R.
  • Callac P.
  • Parra L.


Recent field and laboratory studies have led to our recognition of new taxa in Agaricus section Bivelares, a recent combination and now the earliest synonym and correct name of section Duploannulati. Agaricus cupressophilus and A. tlaxcalensis, in the new subsection Cupressorum, and A. agrinferus, A. devoniensis subsp. bridghamii, and A. subsubensis in subsection Hortenses, are described. Phylogeny reconstruction methods using ITS1+2 DNA sequences were used to determine appropriate placements of the new taxa. Collectively these new taxa and phylogenetic associations represent a substantial augmentation and clarification of our knowledge of section Bivelares: described, sequenced species-level taxa in the northern hemisphere are increased from 6 to 10, a distinct subsectional lineage is revealed, and infraspecific resolution within A. devoniensis is improved. An anomalous ITS1+2 sequence is documented in one collection of A. subsubensis. Preliminary data on another novel member of Bivelares from France are also provided. Several of these taxa are rare, highlighting opportunities and challenges for documenting biodiversity in this group. Additional comments on related taxa treated in recent publications are also provided.

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