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About Citation title: "Chaunopycnis pustulata sp. nov., a new clavicipitalean anamorph producing metabolites that modulate potassium ion channels.".
About This study was previously identified under the legacy study ID S732 (Status: Published).


Bills G., Polishook J., Goetz M., Sullivan R., & White J. 2002. Chaunopycnis pustulata sp. nov., a new clavicipitalean anamorph producing metabolites that modulate potassium ion channels. Mycological Progress, 1(1): 3-17.


  • Bills G.
  • Polishook J.
  • Goetz M.
  • Sullivan R.
  • White J.


Two morphologically similar strains of hyphomycetous fungi, MF5785 and MF5638, produced potent indole diterpene antagonists of the calcium-gated potassium ion channel, Maxi-K, and a diterpene blocker (nalanthalide) of the voltage-gated potassium channel, Kv1.3, respectively. The two strains were tentatively identified as Nalanthamala species in the literature. Analysis of their secondary metabolite profiles by HPLC and mass spectroscopy demonstrated that they both produced a series of indole diterpenes, of which at least one was produced by both strains. One strain of Chaunopycnis alba (MF6799) that produced the diterpene, nalanthalide. also produced indole diterpene metabolites. Morphological comparisons and phylogenetic studies based on 28s and ITS rDNA sequences indicated that both strains belonged to a monophyletic clade of the Clavicipitaceae that included the anamorph Chaunopycnis alba and several Cordyceps and Tolypocladium species. A new species of Chaunopycnis is therefore proposed to accommodate MF5785 and MF5368. The possible synonymy of Albophoma yamanashiensis with C. alba also is discussed. Within the Clavicipitaceae, indole diterpenoid compounds have only been known from the graminicolous species (subfamily Clavicipitoideae), therefore delineation of a Chaunopycnis clade has revealed a previously unrecognized lineage of indole diterpene-producing fungi among the subfamily Cordycipitoideae.

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