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About Citation title: "Ceratocystis pirilliformis, a new species from Eucalyptus nitens in Australia.".
About This study was previously identified under the legacy study ID S869 (Status: Published).


Barnes I., Roux J., Wingfield B.D., Dudzinski M., Old K., & Wingfield M.J. 2003. Ceratocystis pirilliformis, a new species from Eucalyptus nitens in Australia. Mycologia, null.


  • Barnes I.
  • Roux J.
  • Wingfield B.D.
  • Dudzinski M.
  • Old K.
  • Wingfield M.J.


Several species of Ceratocystis have been recorded on Eucalyptus. These include C. fimbriata, C. eucalypti, C. moniliformis, and C. moniliformopsis. Of these, only C. fimbriata is known as a pathogen, where it has recently been found causing serious wilt diseases in Uganda, Congo, and Brazil. This study was undertaken to collect Ceratocystis species, including C. eucalypti, from artificially induced wounds on Eucalyptus nitens near Canberra in southeastern Australia. Trees were wounded in October 2000 and wounds were examined approximately one month later. Ascomata characteristic of a Ceratocystis species, were found covering the wounds and this fungus was also isolated from the wood using carrot baiting. This species of Ceratocystis has hat-shaped ascospores similar to those of C. fimbriata but it differs from C. fimbriata and all other species of Ceratocystis in possessing ascomata with a pyriform base. Comparison of DNA sequences from the ITS and 5.8S rRNA operon confirmed that the fungus from E. nitens in Australia is unique and we describe it here as a new species, C. pirilliformis.

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